Machine park

Production is based on high quality machinery brands Mazak, Spinner, Emco, Doosan. 80% of lathes are connected with feeders.

–       Mazak Quick Turn

–       Mazak SuperQuick Turn

–       Mazak Quick Turn Nexus

–       Spinner TC 600

–       Emco 420

–       Doosan Lynx

–       Emco Hyperturn 65-1000

–       Emco Maxxturn 25 SMY

–       Mazak Integrex

–       Mazak Variaxis

–       Mazak vertical Center Nexus

–       Spinner U1530

– Profile projectors Mitutoyo Pj3000

– Roughness measuring devices  Mitutoyo SJ-301, SJ-210

– CNC 3D measuring  table TESA Micro-hite

– Multisensor 3D measuring device Werth Scope-Check

– Internal and external Mitutoyo micrometers

– Various screw and cylindrical mandrels and rings

–  Roundtest Frenco

– 2D measurment system Mitutoyo Linear height

Hardness meters (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell)

– Automatic hardness testers (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell)

– Coating Thickness Meters

– Renishaw Equator

Want detailed information about our machine park?

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